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Dogs in Rescue

Rescue rehabilitation and relationship begins with my learning the dog's needs. It takes time for a dog to recover from living on the streets, being abused, abandoned, or living in the sensory overload environment of a shelter.
By staying attentive and creative I avoiding the popular "one size fits all" strategies.  Each dog is treated as an individual and a customized plan is assigned each dog.  
We’ll work toward’s the "HURRAH" moment when he/she is now ready for the traditional foster home or forever family.

Group Classes

I occasionally offer small group classes.  If this is something you want feel free to message me.

Private Consultation

I offer consultations in the comfort of your home.  Support for everything from pre-adoption, pre-purchase, problem solving and everything in between.


My Story

A lifetime spent with animals

I always tell people I was raised by Doberman Pinschers. My parents trained a pair of award winning obedience Dobies. I remember them as the perfect dogs! Caige in particular was a superhero. He chased bad guys, loved our family unconditionally, and was always ready to be my babysitter.

The first dog I ever put through a 10 week training program was a little guy named Gus. That mischievous little wire-haired mutt we took in off the street ended up teaching me so much, and instilled a lifelong love of dogs and the motivation to understand what makes them tick.

The truth is I can't remember a time when I wasn't working with and around dogs. Raised on an animal sanctuary, I've shared in the responsibility of caring for, rehabilitating and training animals since childhood. That lifelong experience has served me well as I've gone on to  train service dogs, donated an award winning search and rescue dog to a local police department, established the Enrichment program at Halsey East Animal Clinic, and worked directly with the public to improve the lives of dogs and their families nationwide.


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Satisfied Owners. Happier Pets.


 I started going to class with Alison (she actually took her for boot camp) and the dog I got back was tremendously better. She's now easier to work with and more fun to be around. Honestly, if I hadn't had Alison's help I might not have been able to handle Olive,  ever, and she would have gone back to her breeder.

Thank you Alison, from all of us.

Shawn and Oive


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