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 I started going to class with Alison (she actually took her for boot camp) and the dog I got back was tremendously better. She's now easier to work with and more fun to be around. Honestly, if I hadn't had Alison's help I might not have been able to handle Olive,  ever, and she would have gone back to her breeder.


Thank you Alison, from all of us.

Shawn and Oive


Alison has helped me greatly with my leash reactive dog. She evaluated him, recommended interventions, and gave me the tools I needed. I practice the techniques she taught me and they work very well. She is very good with “difficult” dogs and knows her stuff. I trust her completely and am so grateful to have her as a resource when training issues arise. She has also boarded my dog a few times and done daycare for him. He loves seeing her! I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Jenni and Buddy

Very valuable. I have not encountered any situation where you hadn't given Tango and me the tools to be sucessful. As my health (I have heart issues)walking with Tangi everyday is my top priority. Your lessons have given me confidence I can handle situations I find us in. Thank you!

Marilee & Tango

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