We put the COOL in school!

Going back to school doesn’t have to be a chore. Both you and your pet will enjoy learning with Alison.
All classes are 7 lessons and for friendly, non reactive dogs unless otherwise noted.
Check out my schedule and join one of my classes now.




Puppies are full of trouble and that's a great thing!! In addition to starting foundation behaviors we also talk about channeling that trouble into goodness.  We will talk aobu tmanagment vs. training, mental exercise vx physical exercies and, my favorite subject, restraint and handling.
Teaching your puppy to accept handling now, so when they are mature doing things like ear treatment, nail trimp and general grooming will be pleasant for both dog and human.



Are you a dog training geek?  I know I am! Do you love traiining your dog?  Do you like participating in group classes?  Do you have a generally good dog that you want to show off to your friends?
If you answered YES to any of these questions then this is the class for you.
We will turn  your regular dog into a superstar who is ready for the next circus to come through town! 
You name it, we will teach it.  Have a dream trick, let me know and I'll cover it in a class.  The sky is the limit!!



Young dogs, adult dogs that need foundation skills, new owner to a fully trained dog, these are all good fit for this class.
This is where it all begins.  We start a little bit of everything in this class.  Sit, down, stay, go to place, loose leash walking, manners and tricks!  Every week we also talk about any struggles anyone is having and help deal with that too.  I love teaching the foundation classes, this is where the dogs and handlers learn to love training!



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